Welcome to my public mind map, complete with things that I've been learning about, ideas that I have, and unrefined thoughts and opinions. I'm taking a page out of [Andy Matuschak's working notes](https://notes.andymatuschak.org/About_these_notes) and publishing my working notes. Below is an index of different sections of this site. You can see note connections in the upper-right corner on each page, and a list of backlinks at the bottom of each page showing all of the other pages that link to the current page. # Topics - [[Unrefined Thoughts]] – a collection of topics I've been pondering and reflecting on - [[Good Eats]] – A list of places in Nashville that I recommend for locals and visitors alike. - [[Favorite Articles]] – an archive of things I've read and found particularly insightful - [[Bookshelf]] – A list of books that I'm either reading or I've had recommended, accompanied with notes I've taken, if I've taken them. # Social You can find me on Mastodon <a rel="me" href="https://hachyderm.io/@schrismartin">@[email protected]</a> and on Twitter [@schrismartin](https://twitter.com/schrismartin).